Hongdae, or Hongik University, is famous for its art programs, as well as the district immediately surrounding the school. Near quite a few universities (Ewha, Yonsei, Sogang, etc.), the area is a one-stop destination for everything trendy, artsy, and otherwise entertaining.

There are so many very nice looking cafes around this area that it can be hard to choose, and many of the most interesting looking cafes have the least appetizing coffee (and the most attitude from the staff).

Making that choice a bit easier, there’s Miz Moren, a cafe located on the edge of the Hongdae area near Sangsu station. The owner trained in Japan for several years before opening his shop here in Seoul. Siphon brewing is pretty popular in Japan, and that influence plays out here as Miz Moren primarily uses siphon pots. (Read more than you’ll ever want to know about Siphon brewing here).

Siphon brewers look similar to an hour glass and work by heating water in a small glass globe. This forces the water up into another glass container with ground coffee. When heat is removed, the vacuum sucks the water back down through the coffee. This antiquarian coffee maker invented in the 1800s is like steampunk culinary theater, with the barista playing the part of mad scientist.

Each coffee I’ve tried at Miz Moren has been been a pleasant surprise, with a roast that doesn’t overbear on the varietal flavor of the beans (a common problem out here in shops that roast their own beans). As you can see in the title shot above, they also make cold brewed Dutch coffee, which I’ve been meaning to try but I’m always afraid it’ll be disappointing. Something about cold coffee doesn’t seem right to me, but if I get around to trying it I’ll be sure to let you know.

Their Oreo fudge brownies are pretty good too, if that kinda thing makes you happy.

Definitely give them a visit if you’re in the area.


Walk South on the main path in Hongdae, where all the cars park and the Luxury Noraebang and other things are, go a ways past those and start looking for a cafe called Bill & Coo’s on your left. It’s up the first little diagonal side street.

If you’re coming from Sangsu station, it’s much closer. Just go out of exit 1 and turn right on the main strip that goes up towards Hongdae. Walk up the second diagonal street on your right.

I could be wrong on which diagonal street it’s on, so if you don’t see it, try the other diagonal street right next to it.

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