UPDATE: According to a commenter, Cafe SOHO has been replaced by a different cafe — and judging by the commenter’s chosen name (“Disappointed”), I’m assuming it’s not worth visiting; take note! 

The first thing you get at Cafe Soho, an hour outside of Seoul in Suwon, is a menu and a piece of paper to write your order on. They have some fruit drinks (Koreans call it “ade” whenever they mix fruit juice flavor and Sprite) that aren’t bad, but I’d stick to the pour-over coffees. To see more, click the link below!

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I’ve been here twice and both times I enjoyed the coffee. Often times it’s been my experience that small cafes here that serve pour-over coffee serve an over roasted burnt coffee. So, when I had several cups with the nuanced flavors of origin – Sumatra, Yirgacheffe, Guatemala, etc. – I was pleasantly surprised.

Sandwich wasn’t bad at all, though some real cheese would have made it nicer.

Given that I don’t make it out of Seoul that much, I was happy to find another solid coffee shop outside the big city. If you’re around Suwon station and need a cup of coffee, check out Cafe Soho!

Head out of Suwon station, Exit 1. Look out across the intersection and you’ll see the sign on the second story of the building across the street.

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