Dallmayr is a German coffee company that has several cafes in Seoul. I tried visiting their Gangnam location, but it’s either out of business or being renovated. Their Nambu Terminal location is open, however, and it’s unique and quirky, even by Korean standards.

With its operatic sound track, dark interior and antique accoutrements, it’s not exactly the type of place you purposefully seek out on a swelteringly humid, sunny summer afternoon. But nonetheless I went there on my tireless pursuit to bring you, dear readers, places to find good coffee in Seoul.

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My visit was brief given the incongruity of the bright outdoors and the dark intense interior — I wanted out, actually. I ordered a single espresso and the shot that came out looked okay and tasted fine. Their blend seems to be aiming for something very mild. Roasty, chocolatey, subtly sweet and very low acidity. It was enjoyable, and satisfying, but not particularly interesting. Next time I go I’ll try their single origin coffees or teas, which might be more interesting.

The woman running the place while I was there was nice, and though the drinks are on the pricey side (~6000 KRW), they do offer free Americano refills (you might be able to convince the barista to leave out the water if you want another espresso).

Check the pictures below to get a sense of the interior decor (I bumped up the brightness on these, it was quite dark in there). If I was going to be visiting the Seoul Art Center just up the street, I’d stop by here for some pre-game caffeination.

It’s right up the street from the Seoul Art Center. If you’re heading there by subway, go to Nambu Terminal exit 6, turn around at the exit and then head West (left) and go around the block (left). It’ll be on your left. Should take 5-10 minutes.

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