When I got that big box of Intelligentsia coffee, I also got several ounces of tea to try out. I didn’t have a tea pot, so I started looking for something nice. I like the Bee House ceramic tea pots a lot, but I wanted a clear design that lets you see the color of the tea brewing. I looked at a bunch of designs and eventually bought this Sama tea pot.

Now I usually look for simplicity in design, partly for aesthetics but also because minimalism means fewer breakable parts and easier cleaning. At first I thought the Sama tea pot was over-designed, but after using it I’m happy with it – it works easily and the self-contained brew chamber makes setting the tea aside for repeated brews fast and clean. It looks more fussy than it really is, the water release button is very simple in design and doesn’t feel like it will cause problems or gum up down the road. It is a bit more difficult to clean than a basic tea pot would be, though.

I kinda want to try brewing coffee in it.

Here’s a demo video I didn’t make: