Belief is a relatively new cafe that I first visited many months ago in the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul, Korea. When I stopped in the first time they were just setting things up, didn’t have an espresso machine installed, and were still apparently adjusting their roast profiles. I stopped in again a couple months ago before I left Korea and saw that they had installed a Synesso espresso machine, and filled up the roasting room with a ton of coffee.

I tried a few of their single origin pour-over coffees and an espresso, both of which tasted promising. They were still trying different blends and roasts when I visited so I can’t really comment that much, but I’m posting the cafe here because I got the sense that this would be a good place as they settle in, and it’d be fun to visit and watch it evolve. So, here’re a few pictures, a map, and an invitation to tell me what you thought about your visit in the comments!

Map Below.

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