Carlos Aguirre Gano, an inventive barista championship competitor in El Salvador, used a rig to press 3 Aeropresses at once. I don’t know Spanish, but it’s been suggested that he brewed the same coffee at several roast profiles. If you can translate more, please post in the comments :) Now, watch and be amazed (at 20:40).

Update: Johanna in the comments has posted more info. “Carlos used Coffee from the farm La Roxanita, 1st place COE from El Salvador 2011, stored in airtight sealed special bags, opened only to roast exactly 12 days before competition. This is a Pacamara washed from Mr. Ignacio. […] Carlos used 4 different roasts of the same coffee, 3 different ones for each aeropress to show the evolution of this coffee and how it changes. 1 for his espresso round and cappuccino the darkest roast.”

Thanks for the additional information!

Via Academia Barista Pro, by way of BoingBoing