Able Brewing, formerly part of Portland’s Coava Coffee, came to fame with its Kone and Disk metal filters for the Chemex and Aeropress. I use their “Fine” Disk filter for the Aeropress almost everyday and if I ever got a Chemex I’d probably only use it in conjunction with the latest Kone filter.

Since spinning off to start their own business, they’ve been steadily refining their products, taking into account user feedback and improving the functionality of their filters. Now Able Brewing has finally launched a website and store with a nicely curated line of coffee brewing gadgets, as well as a few of their own new products.

They’re currently pitching the “Kone Brewing System” on Kickstarter, an elegant 32oz ceramic vessel that houses a Kone filter, suitable for brewing and serving both coffee and tea. Made in partnership with a local ceramic studio in Portland, it looks beautiful! Also, follow the link to the Kickstarter page and you’ll have the option to pre-order the final version of the Kone filter by itself for $45 (it’ll sell for $60 after the pre-order offer).

Keep an eye out for more innovative products to come from this creative coffee company!