Two delicious coffees arrived in the mail recently, courtesy of Mark at Kuma Coffee. Kuma is a Seattle based roaster that’s been around since 2007:

“In 2007 I started a small hobby business in which I roasted only a few pounds at a time for friends, local grocery stores and farmers markets.
By 2009 we purchased our dream roasting equipment. We stumbled across a vintage Probat L12 and vintage Probat sample roaster.”

The Sumatra Tano Batak was a pleasant surprise, tasting like lemon and herbs, with a resinous woody aroma and lots of sweetness. Kuma describes this coffee as “Pine Needles, Autumn Leaves, Juniper Berry, Winter Melon, Grapefruit.” It’s an exceptional Sumatran coffee and my favorite of the two.

The Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona was juicy and tart, like cranberry-raspberry balanced by a nice bitter sweet cocoa finish as it cools. Tasted great as iced coffee as well as my usual Aeropress brew.

Overall these were great coffees and some of the best I’ve had at home lately, I’d definitely recommend giving Kuma a try if you haven’t yet.