LA Coffee Club - Caffe Luxxe - Single Malt meets Single Origin

UPDATE: Looks like this event has sold out now!

If you’re in Los Angeles, the LA Coffee Club and Caffe Luxxe are hosting what looks like a pretty fun coffee and whisky tasting later this month. Check the details below:

Join LA Coffee Club and Caffe Luxxe for a coffee and whisky tasting seminar, hosted by the owner of Caffe Luxxe, Gary Chau. Gary’s experience spans 20+ years within the drinks industry, ranging from coffee to spirits, where he spent a significant time working with distilleries in Scotland.

Did you know that both coffee and whisky take on the characteristics of the land they come from, which ultimately affects the flavor of what you taste? Both of these drinks are dramatically affected by the soil, water, and general environmental factors.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, April 25th at Caffe Luxxe’s Montana Ave. location in Santa Monica, starting at 6:30PM. Tickets are limited and cost $10; they can be purchased here. It doesn’t say on the website, but I hear that participants will be walking away with a free bag of coffee from Caffe Luxxe – sounds like a good time and a great deal!

Also keep an eye out for a post on Caffe Luxxe soon. I visited several of their locations last summer to take photographs, and way back in the mid-2000s they were one of the first cafes that introduced me, then a fledgling coffee geek, to what an espresso could taste like :)