Box Kite Coffee has finally opened up their permanent East Village location after a soft-launch pop-up at Maslow 6 wine bar in Tribeca earlier last year. The bar is run by Cora Lambert and Erik Becker of RBC NY fame, that renowned multi-roaster cafe that closed in 2012. They build on that concept at Box Kite, offering both Ritual and Madcap coffee, as well as rotating guest roasters with an impressively international roster (Norway’s Tim Wendelboe made the first appearance). They also serve beer (a hoppy and a malty pair), food, and more. And they’re open late! Like 2AM late (though coffee service will end somewhere around midnight I believe).

Design wise, it’s a nice space with a great bar for interaction, and since my visit they have added funky wallpaper. It’ll definitely get crowded with people sitting at the bar and the counter running along the side.

I happened to be there for their first paying customer (woohoo!), and I look forward to returning as they continue to build out both the space and their stellar reputation. Check out the pictures below and plan your visit!



Above you see a VST coffee refractometer, to be used with an app that used to be called ‘Extract Mojo’ and now has the much more buttoned-up name ‘CoffeeTools’ – if you see your barista using one of these $800 gadgets, they are certified coffee geeks doing everything in their power to serve you the best possible cup – and you should say hi to them, they need love (and tips).





And a few shots walking around after getting coffee! 






Map & Directions:

115 St Marks Place

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