NPR has a nice profile on a company many of you may have heard of – Orphan Espresso, an online shop that manufactures a range of beefy hand-made hand-grinders, and also sells parts and equipment.

In the tiny town of Troy, Idaho, Barb and Doug Garrott have spent the past three years perfecting a machine that could change the morning routines of coffee drinkers all over the country: a $175 hand-cranked coffee grinder.

It’s called the Lido 2, the first run of 500 has already sold out on preorder, and coffee aficionados are asking for more.

It started out as a winter project to stave off the boredom,” Barb says. She and Doug had been running a business called Orphan Espresso, selling repair parts for vintage espresso machines and old-timey wood-box coffee grinders. They’d found themselves disappointed with most of the hand grinders on the market, vintage and new. So, they figured, they might as well make one themselves.

It’s nice to see their hard work given credit, and a pretty good article overall for how it discusses the benefits of a good burr grinder. I love the look of their hand grinders – I only wish Orphan Espresso wouldn’t sell cheap Ti-amo knockoffs of products from Japan.

Read the rest on NPR’s blog, The Salt.