I’ve posted about the beautiful, retro-futuristic, mid-century modern design of the Braun KF20 before, but now you can pick one up yourself! The piece below is going for $275 USD on Etsy, equipped with a European-style 220V plug. That price is about on par with what I’ve seen at design-centered galleries, though you may get lucky if you hunt through Ebay listings. If you’re the type that can’t wait, and have money to burn, here’s you chance. I can’t say that it’ll make the best coffee you’ve ever had, or that buying a ~30 year old piece of electronics will be hassle-free, but it’ll sure look good sitting on your counter – and potentially make you coffee, too! ;)

And below are a few images from around the web. If HAL9000 was a coffee brewer, it’d look something like this. But it’d probably over-extract just to spite you.