If you’re not immersed in the specialty coffee world, you might have missed that this is one of the biggest weekends in coffee – the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s humbly named annual “Event,” which also hosts the 2015 World Barista Championship.

Now, these coffee competitions haven’t always been fun to watch. In fact, up until recently, they’ve been largely industry-centric exercises in benchmarking and raising the bar for quality, creativity, and technique. However, for the past few years they’ve really done a good job at increasing the watchability as more and more people have become interested in specialty coffee – and if you’re at all curious about where coffee culture is heading, this is the event to watch. The tools, techniques, signature drinks, and discourse that happens here filters out into the industry to your local cafes, and you just might recognize some of your favorite coffee shops among the competitors.

The first two days of global competition have already passed, leaving six finalists who will compete for the world champion title tomorrow, Sunday, April 12 at 2:30PM EDT. Here’s the Live Stream video link – check it out!