Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters is a name I’ve seen being served at great cafes from New York to Los Angeles over the past couple years, so when I visited Denver I had to pay a visit to their cafe & roasting facility.

Sweet Bloom was founded in 2013 by Andy Sprenger, a Brewer’s Cup champ who got his start at Ceremony Coffee, a roaster in Maryland that’s also made a great name for itself. Sweet Bloom is a little out of the way, located in the city of Lakewood, just outside of Denver, inside a nondescript brick industrial building (you’ll drive past it by accident the first time). The space has a small retail coffee bar and seating area, and not much else separating you from the active production space.

A relaxed hidden gem for locals seeking stellar coffee from the friendly folks behind the bar, and a worthy visit if you’re willing to make the trek for a great cup of coffee, a bag of fresh beans, and a peek at the roasting process.













Address & Website:
1619 N. Reed St.
Lakewood, CO 80214


Cafe Hours: Mon-Sat, 7AM – 1PM