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Why make a coffee blog?
Coffee is everywhere, but great coffee is a rare combination of farmer, roaster, and barista each building on each other’s work in a transnational process fraught with potential for failure. When you taste great coffee, it’s the result of a chain of people doing their jobs with great skill and attention to detail. That’s unfortunately rare. My goal with this blog is to find the people making great coffee all around the world, and tell you how to get there, while sharing the experience.

Check out the world map of all the cafes I’ve reviewed by clicking ‘Best Coffee in the World‘ above.

Who am I?
I’m from Los Angeles originally. Then I lived in Seoul, South Korea working for a couple years as an English teacher at a public school. Now I’m living in Malmö, Sweden working toward a master’s degree in applied cultural analysis. Update: I just moved to NYC and I’m currently doing research for my thesis on the cultural practices surrounding micro-blogging & image sharing, with an eye towards consumer culture and reflexive modernity.

I started this blog as an exploration of the specialty coffee scene in Seoul, Korea. In the process of making this site, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many great people in the coffee business. Even after two years, there are still many good cafes that I never had a chance to visit. Korea has great coffee if you know where to look, and I hope this blog will get you started in the right direction.

Now that I’m living outside Korea, keep an eye out for an exploration of the European coffee scene.

Lastly, all images and reviews are copyright protected, unless otherwise noted, and may not be republished or used for any purpose without my written permission.