Good coffee is hard to find. I'm on a mission to make it easier. I started in Korea, moved to Sweden, and now I'm in New York, hunting for the best, and sharing the journey with you here. Send me a tip, feel free to share your own experiences or questions in the comments, and above all, drink better coffee! :)

Coffee Review
Kuma Coffee Roaster, Seattle

Kuma Coffee Roaster, Seattle

Two delicious coffees arrived in the mail recently, courtesy of Mark at Kuma Coffee. Kuma is a Seattle based roaster that’s been around since 2007: “In 2007 I started a small hobby business in which I roasted only a few pounds at a time for friends, local grocery stores and farmers markets. By 2009 we...
Tonx Coffee - Bolivia Buena Vista Mill

Tonx Coffee – Bolivia Buena Vista Mill

I just signed up for Tonx Coffee’s subscription using their $10 off coupon and thought I should share my experience. The first shipment I received was a coffee from Bolivia’s Buena Vista Mill. The silver packaging is iconic, and hard to photograph. The written materials in the box walk a fine line between personable accessibility...
La Frontera, Peru - Counter Culture Coffee

La Frontera, Peru – Counter Culture Coffee

La Frontera, as the bag explains, is the name given to a collection of small family coffee farms in Peru near the border with Ecuador. In 2007, we began our work with five small cooperatives of farmers in a valley with no name, calling the project Valle del Santuario. It has been our most successful...