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Mid-Century Modern Coffee Grinder by Robert Welch

Mid-Century Modern Coffee Grinder by Robert Welch

  Is this the most beautiful hand grinder ever made? I came across this hand mill while doing my usual browse around eBay for good deals on unique coffee gear (keep an eye out for similar things tagged here as “find of the day“). It’s from the 1960’s, created for Victor Cast Ware by British...
Orphan Espresso Hand Grinders - on NPR

Orphan Espresso Hand Grinders – on NPR

NPR has a nice profile on a company many of you may have heard of – Orphan Espresso, an online shop that manufactures a range of beefy hand-made hand-grinders, and also sells parts and equipment. In the tiny town of Troy, Idaho, Barb and Doug Garrott have spent the past three years perfecting a machine...
HG One - Espresso hand grinder

HG One – Espresso hand grinder

Most hand grinders (like the Hario and Porlex lines) are made for weight conscious travelers or those looking for a low-cost conical burr grinder. The HG One takes the concept in a new, decidedly higher-end direction. Designers Paul and Craig set out to build the grinder they had always wanted, and the result is this...
Vintage Danish Coffee Grinder

Vintage Danish Coffee Grinder

I walked into an antique shop next to my apartment here in Malmö and was surprised to see this giant vintage coffee grinder, apparently made in Denmark sometime in the 1920s and used at this location for almost as long. The woman who’d been working there for something like 20 years only spoke Swedish, so...