Good coffee is hard to find. I'm on a mission to make it easier. I started in Korea, moved to Sweden, and now I'm in New York, hunting for the best, and sharing the journey with you here. Send me a tip, feel free to share your own experiences or questions in the comments, and above all, drink better coffee! :)

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Music to Brew to 3/25/12

Music to Brew to 3/25/12

Hope your week has been great! Here are some suggestions for your soundtrack to your Sunday afternoon coffee. 1. Massive Attack – Teardrop. A down tempo classic shared by @Mark_Lief. 2. Cut Copy – Lights and Music A suggestion from @jesperbood, inspired by his morning aeropress of da Matteo over in Sweden. 3. Caro Emerald...
Gregg Kallor - Espresso Nirvana (#M2B2)

Gregg Kallor – Espresso Nirvana (#M2B2)

This week’s music to brew to arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago, thanks to Gregg Kallor, a regular at Joe’s Coffee here in New York. But his music is far from regular – it’s pretty extraordinary. He composed the piece below prior to his debut at Carnegie Hall, as part of piano suite...
What's Your Music to Brew to? (M2B2)

What’s Your Music to Brew to? (M2B2)

Music and coffee naturally complement each other – a play list can make or break a cafe’s ambience, barista competitions feature carefully constructed soundtracks, and if you’re making coffee for yourself at home, what better way is there to complement aroma & taste than letting your other senses be part of the moment as you...