Good coffee is hard to find. I'm on a mission to make it easier. I started in Korea, moved to Sweden, and now I'm in New York, hunting for the best, and sharing the journey with you here. Send me a tip, feel free to share your own experiences or questions in the comments, and above all, drink better coffee! :)

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Democratic Coffee, Copenhagen, Denmark

Democratic Coffee, Copenhagen, Denmark

One of Copenhagen’s best cafes is hidden off the lobby of the city’s main library, Københavns Hovedbibliotek, several blocks from Nørreport station. Head to the right when you enter the library and you’ll find your way into a room with a long wood paneled bar. You could almost be excused for thinking this is where you...
Rosie's Coffee & Wine in Malmö, Sweden

Rosie’s Coffee & Wine in Malmö, Sweden

A humble apology for the lack of updates lately – I’m finishing up my masters in applied cultural analysis at Lund University, and it has been taking up all of my concentration. On the bright side, I just recently made a trip back to Sweden for a few seminars and meetings, and got to visit...