Posts tagged ‘Quickshot’ will be brief tips on where to get a coffee or espresso fix, highlighting places that don’t really need a full blown article and photo spread.

First up: Cafe Cantata. This small coffee counter is part of the ‘Luxury Food’ court at Star City’s Lotte Supermarket next to Konkuk University (Gundae Ipgu/Konguk – the subway station where Line 2 and 7 meet on the East side of Seoul). Their double espresso is not mind-blowing, but it’s not unsatisfying either, just a solid dark-chocolate and roasty flavor. At 2,500KRW it’s fairly low priced as well.

If you’d rather sit around with your coffee, the Star City foodcourt is pretty awesome and has coffee about on par with Cantata. I’ll be posting a longer review on that later.

By the way, I just saw that the Lotte market stocks a variety of Lindt’s Excellence chocolates, including 35g 70% Cocoa bars for 2,000KRW – not a bad price for very good chocolate in Korea.