I picked up a couple bags of coffee on my last visit to Caffe Themselves (read my review here) – labeled “Indonesia Mandheling” and “Brazil Cup of Excellence #25.” It’s too bad that they aren’t labeled more specifically. After a little searching online I figured out that the Brazil is from Fazenda Djanira. Can’t tell anything else about the Indonesia.

The Indonesia Mandheling is nice, earthy, with notes of tobacco, and a complex sweetness that reminds me of good root beer — they describe this on the bag’s tasting notes as “herb, caramel, paprika.”

The Brazil Fazenda Djanira 2009 COE #25 is really chocolatey, with a nice dried fruit sweetness. The sweetness came off as date-like to me. On the bag the tasting notes are dried persimmon and jujube, which is similar to a date.

Good coffees! And after 1 week they are discounted 30% which makes it much more affordable to try a few.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Cup of Excellence is a prestigious award in which a country’s best coffees are tasted and then the highest scoring coffees are awarded ‘Cup of Excellence’ and auctioned off to roasters around the world. Caffe Themselves is offering quite a few Cup of Excellence coffees, and they’re all worth checking out.