If you’re a coffee geek living here in Korea and want to watch the 2010 World Barista Championship (WBC) streaming live online from London, here’s a little time table converted for local Korean time to help you figure out the schedule.


Wednesday June 23
5:30PM – 2:00AM – Round 1, Day 1 (Competitors 1-30)

Thursday June 24
5:30PM – 11:45PM Round 1, Day 2 (Competitors 31-54)
(2010 Korean Barista champ An Jae Hyeuk is second up, competing at around 6:00PM)

12:15AM – 1:15AM Announcement of Semi-Finalists

Friday June 25
5:30PM – 8:00PM — Semi Finals Round (Semi-Finalists 1-12)
10:30PM – 12:55AM — Finals Round (Finalists 1-6)
1:15AM – 2:00AM — Awards Ceremony

You can also visit one of the “Go Live” partner cafes and watch it live in a coffee shop.