ST.ALi is an Aussie transplant that opened a London location in the Spring of 2011. They hope to “showcase our love for things that, while simple and accessible, are undeniably delicious,” which is a mission statement I can agree with.

The cafe itself is massive, comprised of a ground floor coffee bar and roastery with an upstairs dining room, kitchen, and second bar. It’s one of the most impressive cafe layouts I’ve seen; but I’ll let the pictures below do the talking.

I was in such a rush during my short trip to London that I never got a chance to try the food, but from everything I hear it’s quite nice, and the coffee program is in good hands. The espresso I tried at the time (prepared on a Slayer that has since been replaced) was alright, not the best on the trip, but solid and enjoyable. Can’t be too picky with a new establishment, and in all honesty this feels like a place that will soon have a stellar reputation. I’ll be back whenever I’m in London again.




Map and Directions:

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