If you didn’t know, when I’m not obsessing over coffee I’m working on a masters in applied cultural analysis at Lund University. Lately I’ve been researching mobile photo sharing as a practice that is changing our relationship to ourselves, our surroundings, our daily lives, and more.

While taking pictures of your dinner might seem trivial and fun, it also reflects the changing nature of modernity, consumer culture, capitalism, and identity. But I need help gathering information, so I’m excited to start recruiting participants for my study! You’ll be asked to write a journal reflecting on everything you do with the app. I promise it’ll be interesting and hopefully fun, too, so please give the project a look.

Read more & Sign up here! bit.ly/imgculture

I hope you’ll participate, and I would greatly appreciate it if you shared the link in your social networks!

Thank you!

UPDATE: Thanks to those that signed up and contributed! The study is now closed. If you’d like to know more about it, feel free to contact me.