Tonx Coffee is offering a $10 discount on subscriptions. If you’ve followed the specialty coffee industry for any length of time, you’ve probably seen or heard the name Tonx float around. Tonx is Tony Konecny:

Tony began his descent into coffee madness as a barista and then head roaster at Seattle’s seminal Victrola Coffee and later went on to bend the coffeebar genre as part of Intelligentsia Coffee’s notorious Los Angeles project. He has the dubious distinction of being among the first “coffee bloggers” for which he sincerely apologizes. Tony thinks better coffee makes for a better life.

Together with Nik Bauman of, the duo have created a nicely designed subscription coffee service that ‘curates’ small batches of coffee, roasts it and ships it fresh to your door every two weeks. You can delay shipments if you’ll be out of town, too. The website is simple, smart, and effortless; all you have to do is look forward to that little box of joy to arrive in the mail.

They’re also expanding – having just added Nick Griffith to the team this week. You can read more about that in this write up by Joshua Lurie at FoodGPS:

Konecny and Griffith first met in 2006, when the former helped recruit the latter to work for Intelligentsia as they were starting a Glassell Park roastery and Silver Lake coffeehouse. Six years later, Konecny said, “We’ve wanted to put together the best team, and I think Nick has one of the best palates that I’ve ever encountered in coffee, and he’s no bullshit, and those two things don’t always go together.”

I had been meaning to try their coffee as I’d heard many good things, and the $10 discount was irresistable. If you’ve also been waiting, now might be the time to give it a shot – $28 for two shipped bags of coffee is a bargain.