Long overdue but I wanted to quickly wrap up my time in Sweden with a few more cafes that I enjoyed and thought you should know about!

Lilla Kafferosteriet

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This cafe is actually one of Sweden’s older specialty coffee roasters and importers. They occupy a central place in Malmö, located off the main shopping street in a large house built in the 1600s. The multi-level home is decorated with antique furnishings, rugs, and paintings. It’s really one-of-a-kind, I’ve never seen anything else like it! Once inside, you’ll find two bars. To the left of the entrance you can find a quick drip coffee or espresso, pastries, and sandwiches. If you turn right and head to the back, you’ll find a more relaxed bar focused on slower, hand-poured drinks and espressos, as well as bean purchases. Every sunday the back bar hosts cuppings that are a great way to meet other coffee geeks in Malmö while sampling Lilla Kaffe’s offerings. A great space worth visiting while you’re in town.

Djakne Kaffebar, Malmö

This is one of Malmö’s newest cafes, providing office space for rent up stairs, with sandwiches and multi-roaster coffee downstairs. They host quite a few events for Malmö’s growing number of entrepreneurs and tech companies. The coffee program seems to be steadily improving, offering a rotating variety of coffees from all over Sweden. Some are better than others, so be sure to tell your barista what you like if you’re uncertain of what to order.



St. Jakobs Bageri, Lund


The coffee at this popular bakery got an upgrade when they installed a Faema E61 and started using Love Coffee roasters. While their coffee brewing chops could use some additional refinement, the baked goods are so delicious that I have to recommend a visit!


Hope you enjoyed these posts, here are a few more images of Malmö. If you like the travel photos, let me know and I’ll post a lot more! :) If you’re looking to find other great cafes in Sweden, click the link to see my older guides.