I’ve been driving all over New York for the past couple months doing fieldwork for an energy consulting firm, which has given me a chance to visit some of the city’s cafes that are off my beaten path. One of these recent visits took me to Little Skips in Bushwick, which comes recommended by Oliver Strand via his indispensable coffee guides included in the New York Times’ app, “The Scoop.”

The cafe is camoflauged by its unassuming, slightly sketchy looking exterior. Once you enter, it’s all brick and wood, with a smattering of folks absorbing rays from their Macbooks. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing going in, but I really enjoyed the espresso, a special blend from Counter Culture, and their batch-brewed coffee was good too. They have ambitions to provide pour-over service sometime down the road, and they do occasional evening coffee tastings if that’s your thing.

There’s also a good sized food menu with pretty great sandwiches. Worth a visit if you’re in Bushwick!



941 willoughby
brooklyn, ny 11221



Website: www.littleskips.com


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