Eva Solo Carafe - Glass Lined Coffee Server

I’ve been looking for a nice glass-lined thermal carafe for a while now to use at work, so that I can make a batch of coffee in the morning and not have to take time to brew another one later in the day. Or, you know, to consider actually brewing enough to share.

I wanted it to be glass lined to avoid having the coffee sit in contact with metal for an extended period – I find that I do notice a change in flavor when that’s the case. I had narrowed it down to the classic mid-century looking Steltoncarafes that you see everywhere in Scandinavia.

But then I recently found this Eva Solo Vacuum Jug($99). I haven’t laid hands on one yet, but just looking at it makes me want to brew up a liter of coffee. The heat indicator is a nice touch, though it’d be nicer if it actually had numbers so you could be sure to drink before it got too cool. The price is also a bit steep, but Eva Solo is known for quality, so it should last. If I ever do pull the trigger on this, I’ll be sure to write a hands on review. Til then, if you’ve used one, do share your thoughts in the comments!

More photos, below – it comes in white, black, and red: