Check this out – fellow coffee blogger Darren Jennings over at The Coffee Compass has taken up coding and developed an app for home roasters. While many professional-grade coffee roasters come with the ability to use logging software coupled with temperature probes to help manage and re-create roasts batch to batch, home roasters are often left with only their own ingenuity and trial & error. This app should help reduce the error part of the equation by providing a less tedious way to manually log temperature, save roast profiles, and more!

RoastWatch was built for the dearly beloved “probe-interface”-less roasters of the world. With the “record” button and the temperature control panel, logging temperatures with associated times is easy, especially if you don’t have a probe to interface with fancy roasting software. RoastWatch also allows you to record custom events while you’re roasting. You can build a custom event list to quickly mark events during roasting while maintaining consistency…”

The app’s slider input for temperature works intuitively, but some further iteration might make it a lot easier to quickly record temperatures. A few other ideas for improvement  would be larger type to make it easier to read quickly, and to place the temperature selection above the slider so that your thumb doesn’t obscure the view. All of which seem like quick fixes for future versions? Still, a very usable app and one that seems handy for home roasters. Check out the details on their page and stay tuned for updates. You can also download the app in the iTunes store for $3.99.