Good coffee is hard to find. I'm on a mission to make it easier. I started in Korea, moved to Sweden, and now I'm in New York, hunting for the best, and sharing the journey with you here. Send me a tip, feel free to share your own experiences or questions in the comments, and above all, drink better coffee! :)

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Tonx Coffee - Bolivia Buena Vista Mill

Tonx Coffee – Bolivia Buena Vista Mill

I just signed up for Tonx Coffee’s subscription using their $10 off coupon and thought I should share my experience. The first shipment I received was a coffee from Bolivia’s Buena Vista Mill. The silver packaging is iconic, and hard to photograph. The written materials in the box walk a fine line between personable accessibility...
Taste Testing Coava's Aeropress Metal Filter

Taste Testing Coava’s Aeropress Metal Filter

Portland based Coava Coffee Roasters must be making a killing with their new metal Kone filter for Chemex, and Disk filter for the Aeropress. Both of them seem to be spreading around the world, judging by all the twitter reports and blog coverage. Last week I spent a morning over at Solde Kafferosteri with Dan...
Sama Tea Pot

Sama Tea Pot

When I got that big box of Intelligentsia coffee, I also got several ounces of tea to try out. I didn’t have a tea pot, so I started looking for something nice. I like the Bee House ceramic tea pots a lot, but I wanted a clear design that lets you see the color of...